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Summer Reading: Sand and Beaches

The rise of the American beach resort town as a tourist destination coincided with rapid industrialization in the nineteenth century. While visits to the coast were common in the first half of the nineteenth century, mostly for reasons related to health, the seashore came to symbolize recreation, leisure, and even anti-urban values by the latter… Continue reading Summer Reading: Sand and Beaches


Did you do your Summer Reading?

Hawthorne Fine Art is pleased to present the third installment of our annual Summer Reading: American Paintings and American Prose. This catalogue features highlights from the gallery’s exquisite inventory of landscape paintings paired with selections of writing by well-known American literary figures. For summer 2013, we explore works by painters who found artistic inspiration in… Continue reading Did you do your Summer Reading?


Summer Reading: American Paintings & American Prose

Happy summer, everyone! Hawthorne Fine Art is proud to announce the second installment of Summer Reading: American Paintings & American Prose, which may serve as a charming companion to your peaceful summer moments. This beautifully illustrated catalogue presents highlights from HFA’s inventory, thoughtfully paired with segments of historic and contemporary writing. Paintings include images of… Continue reading Summer Reading: American Paintings & American Prose