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Hawthorne Fine Art Presents “Winter Reprieve: American Artists in Bermuda”

March 2018, New York, NY — Hawthorne Fine Art is pleased to present a special exhibit focusing on the topic of “Winter Reprieve: American Artists in Bermuda.” In the summer of 1877, Mark Twain described Bermuda as a land of “snow-white houses peeping from the dull green vegetation” marked by “gleaming white roads.” This cheery characterization, which had Twain returning to the island dozens of times from 1868 to 1910, defined the tourist experience of Bermuda during this era. Everyone from Woodrow Wilson to the editor of Harper’s Bazaar caught Bermuda fever as travel to this British territory became more common. These nineteenth century “snow birds” (those who head south for the winter) arrived expecting the snow-white houses and beaches Twain admired and thus eventually these “symbols” of the Bermuda landscape became synonymous with escapism and enjoyment.

As seen in a group of works at Hawthorne Fine Art depicting Bermuda, bright, glistening, pastel homes and shorelines also attracted nineteenth century American artists. The impressionist painter Clark Greenwood Voorhees famously painted the Bermudian landscape time and time beginning in 1919, when his family began wintering on Somerset Island. Warren Francis Snow also attempted to capture the spirit of Bermuda’s seaside after he began annual visits to the island in 1931, as several of his canvases feature picturesque lighthouses and palm trees. Other artists like Mabel E. Dickinson Pond (1869-1960), Hanna Rion (1874-1924), and Eleanor Abrams (1885-1967) focused on Bermuda’s crystal blue waters and lush vegetation.

Artists like Ross Sterling Turner (1847-1915), Henry Martin Gasser (1909-1981), Mariquita Gill (1861-1915), Edward Meriam Stetson (1872–1953) and Norman Irving Black (1883-1949/53) chose slightly dilapidated and quaint cottages as their subjects to highlight the romance of breezy, island culture. Often these paintings depict the views of the island as seen from a winding local road or a boat excursion, as in the case of Earl Thatcher (1872-1929) and Caroline M. Valentine. Overall this group of works symbolizes Bermuda’s significance in the imagination of American artists as well as the increasing tendency during the Gilded Age to look away from America’s rising social discord towards the beauty and tranquility of islands abroad.

Eleanor Abrams (1885-1967), View toward Somerset, oil on canvas.

Abrams, Eleanor_View toward Somerset.jpeg

Norman Irving Black (1883-1949/53), Bermuda Scene, oil on board.

Black, Norman.jpg

Mabel E. Dickinson Pond (1869-1960), Bermuda House, Oleander in Bloom with Figure, watercolor on paper.

Pond, Mabel E. Dickinson, Bermuda House, Oleander in Bloom with Figure.jpeg

Mabel E. Dickinson Pond (1869-1960), View from Spanish Point, Bermuda, oil on canvas.

Pond, Mabel E. Dickinson, View from Spanish Point, Bermuda.jpg

Henry Martin Gasser (1909-1981), Bermuda Scene, watercolor on paper.

Gasser, Henry_Bermuda.jpg

Mariquita Gill (1861-1915), Bermuda Scene, oil on canvas.

Mariquita Gill framed.jpg

Hanna Rion (1874-1924), Bermuda House and Gardens, oil on canvas.

Rion, Hanna_Bermuda House and Gardens.jpg

Warren Francis Snow (1869-1962), Bermuda Beach with Cedar and House, oil on board.

Snow Walter Francis_Bermuda Beach with Cedar and House-email.jpg

Warren Francis Snow (1869-1962), Bermuda Scene with Gibbs Lighthouse, oil on board.

Snow Walter Francis Bermuda with Gibbs Lighthouse-email.jpg

Edward Meriam Stetson (1872–1953), Bermuda Scene, oil on canvas.

Stetson, Edward.jpg

Earl Thatcher (1872-1929), Bermuda, 1957, oil on canvas.


Ross Sterling Turner (1847-1915), A Garden by the Sea, pastel on paper.

Turner, Ross_A Garden by the Sea.png

Ross Sterling Turner (1847-1915), The Green Gate, Bermuda, watercolor on paper.

Turner, Ross_The Green Gate, Bermuda.png

Caroline M. Valentine, Bermuda Scene, watercolor on paper.

Valentine, Caroline.jpg

Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Looking Toward the Dockyard, Sketch, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Sand Dunes—South Shore, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Rocks Framing Beach Scene, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Ocean View, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Beach View, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Shore View, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Beach with Rocky Cliff, oil on board.


Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Cedar Trees at Whale Bay, oil on board.

Voorhees-Whale Bay.jpg

Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933), Springfield in Daylight, Bermuda, oil on board.

Voorhees, Clark Greenwood_Springfield in Daylight_unframed.jpg


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