Lauren Sansaricq at ArtsWestchester

We are truly lucky to have Lauren Sansaricq in our midst. At only 25, she has embodied the techniques and skill-set seen in Hudson River School American painters, such as Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) and Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), who have long-since passed away. Sansaricq is the key to continuing the tradition that defines America’s traditional landscape painting style.

Born in Columbia County, New York, Lauren was exposed to the Hudson Valley’s natural beauty and culture from the onset. Educated at the Grand Central Academy of Art Core Program and under the apprenticeship of major American painter, Thomas Locker, Sansaricq developed her skill as a painter. Locker always focused on the natural world and it’s connection to the human spirit. The Hudson River was a critical element in his work, translating the school’s core values into Lauren’s work in turn.

In addition to producing spectacular work, Sansaricq has been presented numerous awards, most notably: the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Award, Hudson River Fellowship, and Henrietta Reiss Award. During her career as an artist, she has taught at The Banner Hill School and through the Hudson River Fellowship.


“One of many things I have learned from being a landscape painter is I have gained a true appreciation of nature and a heightened awareness of nature. More often than not I find we take for granted the beauty that nature provides to us; I feel that the more we can appreciate this beauty — whether through painting, writing, or just simply observing — the happier we will be. By studying nature in any way, one starts to see broader themes, such as death and rebirth and the ever-changing cycle of all things, and that we too are a part of this beautiful cycle.”

-Lauren Sanasricq

Lauren Sansaricq’s work is included in the show, Revisiting Arcadia: Contemporary Landscapes at ArtsWestchester in White Plains, New York, which includes fifteen artists who similarly explore the natural world. Through August 29th, these artists will exhibit a variety of mediums, techniques, and styles directed around nature. The show is appropriately located in White Plains, New York, where the Westchester County’s picturesque landscape has been captured by artists for decades. This show offers new perspectives on the continuous tie between artists and Westchester’s landscapes.

Exhibiting Artists include:

Christine Aaron

Andre Baranowski

Hilda Demskey

Judith Economos

Christopher Magadini

Leigh Taylor Mickelson

Diane Mitchell

Joy Moser

Lawrence Salley

Stefan Radtke

Lauren Sansaricq

John Shearer

Barry Shenkman

Michael Torlen

Mansheng Wang

“I am in the pursuit of beauty. To me nature is the most beautiful thing and to study its beauty brings me closer to God. Being in nature is a very transcendental experience. To me, nature is a portal to higher spiritual and philosophical thought.”

-Lauren Sansricq

A series of six works by Lauren are displayed at the gallery:

Evening's Afterglow
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), Evening’s Afterglow, 2009, Oil on paper, 5 1/8 x 6 1/2 inches, Signed lower left, painted on location Jackson, NH, Hawthorne Fine Art

Evening’s Afterglow

Hudson River Valley
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), Hudson River Valley, 2011, Oil on panel, 7 x 11 inches, Signed lower right, painted on location in the Hudson Highlands, NY, Hawthorne Fine Art

Hudson River Valley

Sunrise in the Catskills
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), Scene in the Catskills, 2010, Oil on panel, 6 x 11 inches, Signed lower left, painted on location and the view is from Inspiration Point, Hawthorne Fine Art

Scene in the Catskills

Sunrise in the Catskills
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), Sunrise in the Catskills, Hawthorne Fine Art

Sunrise in the Catskills

View of Mt. Washington
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), View of Mt. Washington, Hawthorne Fine Art

View of Mt. Washington

View of Mt. Washington Valley
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), View of the Mt. Washington Valley, 2012, Oil on artist’s board, 8 1/4 x 15 1/4 inches, Signed lower right, Hawthorne Fine Art

View of the Mt. Washington Valley

These works, in particular, recall those of Sansaricq’s Hudson River School predecessors. For instance…

The View from South Mountain, in the Catskills Sanford R. Gifford
Sanford R. Gifford (1823-1880), American, The View from South Mountain, in the Catskills (South Mountain, Catskills), 1873, Oil on canvas, 21 x 40 inches, Gift of Horace Fairbanks

The View from South Mountain, in the Catskills, 1873

Sanford R. Gifford

Sunrise in the Catskills
Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990), Sunrise in the Catskills, Hawthorne Fine Art

Sunrise in the Catskills

Lauren Sansaricq

            Sanford Gifford, a 19th Century American landscape painter, was a leading member of the Hudson River School. His work was heavily influenced by the Catskills and surrounding landscapes where he grew up. Sansaricq found this to be the same over two hundred years later. Both use a soft color pallet with subtle gradations of tone, identical view points in this case, and had an eye for the unknown in the distant horizon. The list of artists from the Hudson River School go on, all replicating each other in this remarkable stylistic practice that Sansaricq has continued to bring to life.

Lauren Sansaricq’s work gives viewers a transcendental experience few are able to create. Each painting depicts a dreamy natural setting that seems almost too beautiful to be real. Please join us in celebrating this young artist’s talent in Revisiting Arcadia: Contemporary Landscapes, she is not one to be missed.


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