Painting Sold to Butler Museum will Hang Next to Homer

Hawthorne Fine Art is delighted to announce that the beautiful James Longacre Wood genre painting we recently sold to The Butler Institute of American Art will hang next to the museum’s iconic Winslow Homer painting Snap the Whip. Titled Mumble the Peg, the Wood painting conveys a classic scene of children at play that perfectly parallels Homer’s tribute to youthful America life.

Dr. Louis Zona, Butler Director and Chief Curator, was excited to acquire Mumble the Peg: “This painting is a most wonderful addition the museum’s prestigious collection. It is a complement to ‘Snap the Whip,’ painted in 1872 before Wood’s painting, and both works are great examples of American 19th Century genre painting. Both parallel the writings of the period by American master, author Mark Twain (1835-1910).”

Both paintings explore the quintessentially American trope of the “country boy,” which emerged in the early nineteenth century and reached maturity during its second half. The “country boy” type, as best described by Claire Perry in the exhibition catalogue, American ABC: Childhood in 19th-Century America, is recognizable by his raggedy appearance and cavalier attitude, attributes which embodied the new nation’s democratic ideals of honesty, independent-mindedness, and freedom. In both works, young rascals clad in patched trousers, wrinkled shirts, suspenders, and floppy sunhats engage in the rather dangerous and free-spirited games from which the paintings derive their titles.

The museum announced the purchase in an article on the arts website Artfix Daily, explaining that the painting was acquired with funds that were donated by the late Max Draime and Cecile M. Draime in 1997 and set aside for the acquisition of historic art works. The painting will hang in the Butler’s Cushwa Gallery, near other works of the era including its famous Homer counterpart.

To view other museum-quality American works that we are currently offering, please visit the Inventory page of our website: http://hawthornefineart.com/inventory.html


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